Romans, Jews, Greeks

Exploring the city’s multi-cultural history

Romans, Jews, Greeks

Exploring the city’s multi-cultural history


  • Anker Clock, the transient in Jugendstil
  • Romanfoundations
  • St. Ruprecht, Vienna’s oldest church
  • Jewish quarter and synagogue
  • Greek quarter and Orthodox churches

A perpetual theme of Vienna’s history is migration.

More than 2,000 years ago, the Romans established a legionary fortress they called Vindobona, the nucleus of today’s Vienna. The Babenbergs, the first ruling family, came to Vienna from Bavaria. The Jewish community settled in the shadow of the Babenbergs’ court. As an important commercial center along the Danube River, Vienna also attracted traders from the Ottoman Empire, who established a Greek quarter near the Jewish quarter. All of these immigrants were essential to the Viennese “Melange,” a special mix that makes this city unique. We will look for traces of this multi-cultural history in the picturesque streets of the medieval city.

Meeting point:In front of the Anker Clock at Hoher Markt, 1010 Vienna

Tour ends: Lugeck, 1010 Vienna

About 2 hours

up to 20 people

Tour starts at 220,- Euro.


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